What is SignMyPad Cloud?

SignMyPad Cloud, the newest technology from Autriv Software Development, is an Active Document Management system. With SignMyPad Cloud you can push PDFs to your employees devices to be used in SignMyPad Pro. When the employee is done signing they can send the document back to the SignMyPad Cloud site and you can see in real time all of the information about the document. This information includes the actual PDF, the date and time stamp, the location stamp, and the signature on the document. SignMyPad Cloud is great for those who manage many users who are out in the field all day who need to get signatures on many documents.





1. Latest Technology

SignMyPad takes advantage of the latest technology in your hand – your iPad and iPhone. Using a web interface you can easily push documents from a central location to your employees devices.

2. Centralized Management

Make your life easy with centralized management. Just log into the one website and pass the PDFs to the appropriate users. No more making sure they have their email setup, or the right cloud accounts. Set it and forget it with SignMyPad Cloud. Once a users device is signed into SignMyPad Cloud, you can send documents right to the SignMyPad Pro application. Made a mistake? Not a problem! Just revoke the PDF back.

3. Reliable Support

We are here for you when you need us. Contact us on our contact form or via e-mail. We’ll get back to you with 1 business day to help you with all your SignMyPad Cloud needs.

4. Environment Care

Are you still a company who deals with a lot of paper? SignMyPad and SignMyPad Cloud is your answer! Not only will you be helping save the environment you’ll be be able to save your company. No risk of losing documents, no more “wait I just had it here a second ago” moments. With SignMyPad and SignMyPad Cloud. But while you are at it – check out this video of how SignMyPad helps save the environment.